Poll: government-backed culture troupe

Although about 44 per cent of the 613 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll believe preserving Caymanian culture is important, only 163 people (26.6 per cent) believe the government should provide funding for full-time performance group to promote that culture.

Online poll

Online poll

‘Please, Caymanians, preserving our culture is the only treasure you are going to leave for your children,’ said one person. ‘I would love to see folklore and cultural festival celebrating here.’

Someone else suggested the private sector should be made to share the cost of the performance group with the Government.

‘This is something that should have been in place a long time ago,’ said another person.

‘It’s time for our culture to be at the top and not constantly under threat by other nationalities,’ said someone else.

Another 105 people (17.1 per cent) said preserving Caymanian culture was important, but there were better ways of doing it.

‘Promote it in schools,’ said one person.

Someone else suggested that laws be enacted requiring private and public schools to teach Caymanian culture as part of the curriculum.

‘If we need government to help us to preserve our own culture, we better take a good look at ourselves,’ said another person. ‘Where has our pride gone?’

One respondent said Caymanians should be self-motivated and not dependant on the government to fund cultural preservation.

‘It’s a part of our life and we need to embrace it, teach it to our children and those who choose Cayman as their home.’

One person said they didn’t believe Cayman could afford to fund a performance troupe right now.

‘There are other more cost-efficient ways to promote Cayman’s culture. For example, we can offer more opportunities to local craft-makers, musicians, etc. to showcase their work at local events.’

An additional 133 people (21.7 per cent) said the government should not fund a performance group to promote Caymanian culture and instead use the money on something useful.

‘Build homes for homeless instead,’ said one person.

‘This government doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘save’,’ said someone else. ‘These are tough times and we need to tighten our belts.’

Another 105 people (17.1 per cent) said the government should not fund the performance group, but instead should allow the private sector to do it if it wanted.

‘In economic times like these, there is no way government should be spending on such luxuries as performance groups,’ said one person.

‘If this is the case, why not fund a full-time football team to increase Cayman’s performance on the international sports stage,’ said someone else.

‘If a country has to pay money to find its own culture, that says something about the lack of culture in the first place,’ said yet another person.

Ninety-eight people (16 per cent) said they did not know what Caymanian culture was when it came to performance arts.

‘I’m not so sure exactly what this culture is,’ said one person. ‘I only thing I know is music, dominoes and seafood.’

Nine people (1.5 per cent) responded ‘other’ in the poll.

‘They should start that performance group only if the group is totally committed to the preservation of Cayman culture and not into it for the monetary benefit,’ said one person.