Olympian Forbes is humbled

Throughout this year leading up to and past these Olympic Games, I have faced many difficulties along the way.

With the help of my family and the people of the Cayman Islands especially, I was able to literally overcome the many obstacles that I had to face to be able to compete in these Olympic Games, achieving a goal that I’ve been dreaming of since a child. Not only was I able to compete, but I was able to be a part of a special event that not everyone gets to experience from a competitor’s stand point.

It was my honour to do it not only for myself, my family and friends, but most importantly my home country, the Cayman Islands. I hope I have done a good enough job to not only grasp the attention of older citizens, but of the younger generation as well, who are the future of this country and this region of the world. I appreciate all of the support that I have received leading up to this point in my track and field career, and I hope that I have been able to inspire the young, old and even the unborn, to continue on the precedent that I set so far.

Special thanks:

I want to thank God first and foremost for making all this possible, the Cayman Islands Government, Prestige Drywall, The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee and its sponsors, Cayman Islands Athletic Association, Robert Wood Lighting, Le-Habitat Construction, South Coast Bar and Grill, Cayman National Bank, North Side youth development team, DJ Jazzy B, Butler Properties, Rooster radio station and its staff, X-107 radio station, Radio Cayman, Cayman Islands sports office, the entire district of North Side, East End, George Town, Bodden Town and West Bay and all other districts of the Sister Islands, Archie Whittaker, The Powell and Forbes family of Breakers, Bernie Bush, Handel Whittaker, Whittaker & Watler Architects, Hydes and Sons, Jerry Harper, Cayman Net News, Caymanian Compass, Ron Shillingford, Matthew Yates, Kareem Streete-Thompson, Eric Campbell and Florida International University, Michael Letterlough, Edward Powell and all others that helped along the way that are too numerous to name individually.

Ronald Forbes