Islands Heritage is relocating

Island Heritage will move to Atlantic Star House on 27 October.

The new headquarters is at 128 Lawrence Boulevard, a short walk from the Camana Bay roundabout.

Island Heritage

From left are Island Heritage colleagues, Kerri Bennett, Nigel Twohey, Arlene Sperandeo, and Jakes Ramnarine.
Photo: Submitted

Island Heritage Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Twohey, said that the future holds exciting new developments.

‘Island Heritage is evolving,’ Mr. Twohey said. ‘We embrace our growth and recognise the importance of staying ahead of the changes in our market, our environment and our customer’s needs.

Denise Ebanks-Smyth, a loyal customer, welcomes the change of address.

‘They’re moving up in the world of insurance,’ Ms. Ebanks-Smyth said, ‘that means they’re doing well and if they’re doing well then I know my Island Heritage policy is still strong. Plus, I’m looking forward to better parking the next time I visit.’

Island Heritage’s new home boasts Category-5 hurricane protection, including a safe room on the third floor housing generators and A/C units.

‘It’s only fitting that a property insurance company like Island Heritage is based in an extra-strength, hurricane-resistant office building,’ said Mr. Twohey. ‘As for the safety of customer records, we’ll continue to back them up to an off-island site every evening.’

Business continues as usual for Island Heritage in their existing Grand Pavilion office until 5pm on 23 October. Both offices will be closed on 24 October and the new Atlantic Star House office will open for business on 27 October.

For more information, contact Mr. Twohey at 949 7280.