Go home, Mr. Bridger

May I be permitted to join the debate on the present police investigation?

Like most Caymanian citizens I am appalled at the enormous waste of time and money that has resulted from this exercise, whilst it seems, uncovering no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

However, the investigators appear to have been guilty of improper behaviour themselves, whilst destroying the credibility of our esteemed police force and judiciary.

Now it appears, they wish to extend their stay in these warm and sunny Islands, to help improve the training procedures within the RCIPS.

Go home Mr. Bridger and take your team with you.

You will be better employed helping to clear up the mess in your own back yard, so please leave Cayman in peace.

Whilst on the subject, I believe that Governor Jack owes the citizens of these Islands some serious explanations as to how and why these seemingly inappropriate and very costly decisions were taken.

Perhaps a spot of required leave is called for!

John Brodhurst