Today’s Editorial for October 23: Cooperate with police, please

These are troubling times in the Cayman Islands.

Just as we are trying to come to grips with the killing of Estella Scott-Roberts we learned Tuesday afternoon that a girl child in West Bay had allegedly been raped and taken to hospital.

As of this writing two men are in custody, but no one has been charged over the allegations.

This latest disturbing news comes on the heels of a recent court case that brought about a plethora of anger and outrage because the accused was sentenced to only two years in prison. He pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a five-year-old boy.

Following Estella’s death Minister Anthony Eden on the floor of the Legislative Assembly called for the re-instatement of the death penalty in the Cayman Islands.

The United Kingdom stripped that option out of our hands in March, 1991, just as a hanging gallows was being built at Northward to put to death a man who had been convicted of murder. He’s still alive and doing time in prison.

As long as we are dependent on the UK we cannot have the death penalty in the Cayman Islands.

Also following Estella’s death there were cries from the populace to find her killer before the police and mete out the same fate to him as Estella experienced.

On Tuesday the call went out again as people called Radio Cayman’s Talk Today show and vowed to find the person(s) accused of raping this six-year-old girl and kill them, again skirting the police.

We understand the outrage everyone is feeling at the indecent assault sentencing, Estella’s killing, the alleged rape of a six-year-old girl, and the other awful acts of rapes, killings and crime in general. We feel it too.

But the public cannot take the law into its own hands. Justice must be allowed to run its course.

Caymanians have sat silent too long about crime in our community, sometimes out of fear of reprisal; sometimes out of not wanting to get involved.

But we have to get involved and we have to speak up. Crime Stoppers is the perfect way to tell law enforcement what you know about any crime in the Cayman Islands.

The calls aren’t answered here, but in Miami. Everything is kept confidential. The number is 800-88477.

Is it the police department’s job to catch these criminals? Yes.

But they need our help to do it.