Strikers execute Warriors perfectly

Roy Campbell Construction Strikers are the new champions of division one five-a-side football.

The squad capped off an amazing season with a 2-0 win over an equally strong BrittHay Warriors team. Statan Clarke and Richard Brown were the goal scorers for the Strikers.

WestTel Arena at Kings Sports Centre hosted the match Monday night.

Coming into the match both teams had enough past and present national team players to make the match-up seem like an all-star game.

For Strikers there was Ian Lindo, Garth Anderson, Gary Whittaker and Metchy Williams. Meanwhile Warriors boasted Jedd Ebanks, Theron Wood and Immer Carter.

Other notable players in the game were Gillie Seymour’s son Antwan Seymour for RCC Strikers and indoor football prodigy Jermaine Seymour for BrittHay Warriors.

With all of the star talent on display the game was bound to be either a shocking shoot-out or a tight, tactical affair.

Both teams would bring their best defensive effort on the night and the two goals were as much about skill as it was about making the most of rare opportunities.

Bear in mind that both squads were two of the best in all of division one during the regular season.

RCC Strikers came into the playoffs in first place with an unbeaten mark of 11-0-1. They scored the second most goals in the league with 68 and surrendered the fewest with 13.

The squad’s best goal-scorer, to no surprise, was Statan Clarke as he was seventh in goals with 12.

Strikers had an interesting route to the final. In the first round they took down an overmatched CFP team that hadn’t won a game, scored just 10 goals all season and allowed a whopping 172 goals.

In the semi-finals they took down a mediocre CML Claymores side which could only boast having the league’s leading goal scorer in Ben Marler.

Meanwhile BrittHay Warriors were right behind Strikers in the standings at 8-3-1. They scored the most goals in the league with 92 while allowing the second fewest with 23.

The Warriors dominated games using a three-headed scoring attack in David Harding, Jermaine Seymour and Ormond Moore. All were in the top ten in goals and scored at least 10 goals.

The Warriors road to the finals was a far more controversial one.

The first round was simple enough as they took down a Marble and More side that had a record of 2-9-1 and had top five goal scorer Alan Glasgow.

The second round was where things got interesting. There they would face a talented Burger King which fielded the likes of Rene Carter, Fred Ebanks and Jarred Yates.

In a match for the ages, both teams would tie and head into a shootout. In that match BrittHay was deemed the winners.

However Burger King complained about a goal being scored that never counted for them. Both teams would end up replaying the game, though the result would be the same.

In the end Strikers Captain Antwan Seymour felt the final game was a thrilling affair.

‘Roy Campbell Construction not only builds homes, but they also build indoor teams too! As a group we decided that since we had not won the King’s Indoor league before, that if we were going to win it, we wanted to do so in style.

‘That is what we did with some great games, awesome goals and from start to finish being undefeated!’

Kings Sports Centre Athletic Director Raymond Singh said the final game brought about a time of reflection on the program.

‘Monday’s match-up between the RCC Strikers and BrittHay Warriors was amazing and the fans were certainly treated to some very exciting football.

‘I still find it both amazing and shocking that we just completed our sixth season of the King’s five-a-side football program.’