Think about Christmas mail

The Cayman Islands Postal Service is giving customers a Christmas Mailing Reminder Card, which lists posting deadlines to many destinations, and as well as the various categories of mail – such as surface mail, express mail, etc. – that customers can select.

The card will help customers, and their relatives and friends, to have a merrier Christmas, explained Anthony Williams, deputy postmaster general – operations. With this in mind, he urged persons to post their cards and packages as early as possible.

‘Christmas is one of the busiest times for any postal administration. We handle more than 180,000 pieces of mail on any given week during the Christmas season, whereas in June we handle less than 105,000 pieces of mail a week,’ Mr Williams explained. ‘So to avoid disappointment, post early.’

The Christmas Mailing Reminder Card was to be placed in customers’ mailboxes on 27 October, and again in the middle of November. The card is also available at, and at all post-office counters.

In a handy reference format, it provides the following information.

Local deadlines

These deadlines are for all categories of mail.

From Grand Cayman to the Sister Islands:15 December

From Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands, to Grand Cayman: 18 December

Within the Sister Islands: 22 December

Surface mail

Typically transported by land or sea. It usually is the most economical way to post, but it also takes the longest to be delivered. For instance, to send a 2-lbs. package to the US costs CI$3.50, and takes six to eight weeks to be delivered.

The deadline for all destinations is 3 November.


The most popular posting method. A 2-lbs. package to the US costs CI$48. Delivery time could be as quick at three days or take up to two weeks.

The deadline for the US and Canada is 12 December; the UK and Western Europe, 8 December; and for all other countries, 5 December.

Air parcel

A little different from airmail, because this method also allows for tracking. A 2-lbs. package to the US costs CI$4, and takes two to three weeks to be delivered.

The deadline for all other countries, exceptthe US and Canada, is 28 November. The deadline for the US and Canada is 5 December.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS is a courier service for packages weighing a minimum of 2 lbs. It includes tracking. A 2-lbs. package costs CI$18, and takes about three to five days to be delivered.

The deadline for the US and Canada is 16 December; the UK and Western Europe, 15 December; and to all other countries, 12 December.

For more information, visit or call 949-2474.

Easing Your Christmas Stress

To make the Christmas mailing process easier, Ann James, deputy postmaster general – finance and human resources in the Cayman Islands Postal Services, has these hints for customers.

‘These simple steps will help to prevent delays, which gives a little bit of stress relief during the holidays,’ she said.

Use a current address, including the updated local postal codes; and attach the correct postage.

Include a return address – again, with an updated local postal code.

For packages, select boxes that are strong enough to protect the contents. Cushion package contents, and leave space for cushioning inside the carton.

Remember, the maximum parcel weight that the Cayman Islands Postal Service will mail is 22 lbs. Package dimensions should not exceed 42′ length x 72′ length and girth combined.