Today’s Editorial for October 28: Look to CI for Christmas

The madness has already hit.

Prices on Halloween candy haven’t even been reduced to get rid of extra stock and we are being greeted with Christmas throughout the Cayman Islands.

The reason the Halloween candy hasn’t been discounted is because Halloween isn’t even here yet.

We noticed a couple of weeks ago that Christmas items were finding themselves onto the shelves of our retailers.

We’ve even seen lighted Christmas trees, and not just in retail stores but in at least one private home already.

Restaurants began almost a month ago reminding businesses that now is the time to book space for Christmas parties.

Back in our commercial print shop we’re already taking on the task of printing Christmas menus and cards.

To look around, no one would know that we are supposed to be experiencing economic downturns.

We do hope that this is a good season for our retailers in the Cayman Islands.

And we hope they are able to keep prices down as much as possible, so that we too can experience a good Christmas – pocketbook-wise that is.

To help our retailers and ultimately ourselves, it behoves us to do our Christmas shopping with our Cayman Islands retailers.

When you get right down to it once you’ve paid for the shipping and duty on large ticket items such as vehicles and appliances, it makes more sense to spend your money on those items here. In addition, you’ll probably get a warranty if you buy locally.

Prognosticators are alluding to a bleak 2009, so that means we all must act now to be prepared for belt tightening next year, our merchants included.

It is our Christmas wish that most of this year’s seasonal spending remain within the Cayman Islands to help shore our economy even more.

Our community can’t handle the massive layoffs and store closures we’re seeing in the United States.

A mass exodus of workers from our Islands would wreak havoc on our economy – not only just in tourism, but in the day-to-day running of businesses.

Grant the Cayman Islands financial coffers its Christmas wish this year – spend at home.