Pepper spray isn’t answer

Pepper spray; protection or potential weapon?

Just today I read the recent petition for non lethal protection for the public.

Understanding the fears and concerns regarding safety that the public has opened eyes to, after the recent and horrendous murder of Estella Scott-Roberts (God rest her loving soul).

I can’t help but to question the subject of the matter; Pepper spray. I was in recent discussion with a close group of peers and other members of the public just a moment ago regarding this issue and I thought that I should do my best to bring to focus the dangers of this so called solution.

Pepper spray is not only a strong and powerful defence for potential victims but also an easy accessible weapon for predators.

Do we really want to make this option legal to our islands?

In what ways would we be able to successfully screen the buyers of this product? How will we be sure that the person buying this product is purchasing it for true self defence and not handing it to a possible predator?

These are all valuable questions that we need to answer before signing this petition in the rush of protection, but is it really protection that we’re signing for? Or are we setting this island and women up for more potential dangers and risks?

Not to mention the youth of Cayman, who might not be tempted to harm girls and women in their age groups until there is an easier way of making them a lot more vulnerable.

I don’t think this is the answer. A predator can easily purchase pepper spray to temporarily blind women (even in groups) I think that if we all as a community stick to buddy systems and maybe even carpool when leaving the house we can cut a big percentage of potential dangers. We should all consider the pros and cons of this before we jump to approve such ideas.

As an ending, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the husband, family and close friends of Estella, a wonderful soul and a beautiful woman.

May God be with you all.

O’Livia Smith