Bodden’s got more power

Dexterity racing will be on display this weekend.

Tomorrow will see Time Attack 9 get underway courtesy of the Cayman Motorsports Association.

The race will be CMA’s 10th of the year. It is the second to last event of the year with the final one being on 29 November.

The group normally puts on time attack races at the end of each month.

As usual Jay Bodden’s property on Sparky Drive off North Sound Rd will be the home for much burnt rubber.

This month though the times have been changed. Racing will start at 7pm with sign-up on race day taking place at 5pm and the cut-off time at 6pm.

Cars are expected to be split into four different classes: front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive plus unlimited.

Winners will be determined according to time, speed and skill points.

This month will see some big changes with its veteran core of competitors.

TA veteran Gary Huggins will not be competing this time around. Huggins received an injury recently that will require time away from the wheel.

Huggins won’t be too far from the engine bay however as he is reportedly rebuilding his engine for more power in time for next year’s races.

Andy Bodden, another veteran, will be unveiling a new ride. Bodden is slated to race a modified Ford GT500 with new tires. The car is a customized Ford Mustang that makes some 500hp in stock form.

Bodden is known for racing Mitsubishis, in particular his white race-ready Mirage and occasionally Evolution IIIs.

Wayne Kirkconnell will race his orange Nissan 350z for the last time. He is expected to build a new car to compete next year.

It is unclear what that car will be though speculation is it will be either a Honda Civic or another Nissan 350z.

Also Australian Sean O’Neil is slated to compete. O’Neil has used his modified Subaru Impreza to give TA veteran Keith P. Tibbetts III a run for his money in past events.

Last month saw the successful implementation of a corporate class. The Volvo S40 car which is used for that class is expected to be at this month’s event.

It’s not clear yet which companies, if any, will be involved for this event.

This month will also see women competing again. Among this month’s field will be Kim Huggins in a white Hyundai Accent and Vicki Hulse in her blue Mazda 3 sedan.

Marshals are expected to be out in force as usual with a scoring table and a DJ providing music.

The public is invited to attend and watch the action. Anyone can participate, provided they use their own vehicle and pay the entrance fee of CI$20.

Early registration and technical inspection for the race will start tonight.

Automotive Art on Shedden Road will be the venue once again for the pre-race gathering. It was the site of last month’s pre-race crowd.

The meeting takes place at 7pm tonight and will also serve as a time for socializing.

Cars will be expected to pass the technical inspection. This inspection is compulsory for all CMA-sanctioned races. It consists of checking the car’s components such as the suspension and brakes plus ensuring drivers use a three-point seat belt harness and street-legal tires.

For more information contact Bobby Hulse at 916-5137 or e-mail [email protected].