Child rape is attempted murder

I sincerely believe that rape of a child should carry the same penalty as murder. Those wicked, ruthless, animals (every animal in the world is above these paedophiles) should receive a life time sentence for each charge of rape that they are convicted of without chance of parole and serve that time in maximum security. My opinion is that this type of sentence is too much leniency and that is just because the death penalty is not an optional sentence here anymore!

Rape of any child is a certain type of death and attempted murder and living death. How about amending the Penal Code to define rape as attempted murder? Any adult human being can go into cardiac arrest going through that type of trauma; can you imagine an innocent child? I remember a few years back a man raped a two-year old child and I believe he got 2 1/2 years! That mild sentence constituted a crime in itself, with such a low sentence, and not deporting that man was another crime, as I understand he was of foreign origin and he is still on island.

Yes we need a registry and pictures posted on the Internet and on every notice board in each community post office so those citizens who do not have access to a computer are made aware; and the registry list is posted in the newspaper every time a new name is added showing all those old names on the registry as a reminder that they are still alive and a threat.

Their names should not even come off when they are deceased, the registry should be published again when someone on it dies so the family of that child will have some satisfaction and it will be known that there is that one less we have to be vigilant of.

Why are they who are not Caymanians allowed to stay on the island anyway? The only ones should stay here are the ones who do not have an original home base/country to go to – it does not matter whether they have status, residency, married to a Caymanian or not. Perpetration of a crime like this should cancel out all good citizenship status to one’s adopted country.

Andrea A. Calderon

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  1. AMEN,
    But of course our dumb government are not concerned at all until it happens to one of their own.
    They will not even pressure the AG to enforce the law to register these scumbags after the crime is comitted.