Thanks in Grand Cayman

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As we come to the close of the 2008 Silent Witness March, it is my pleasure to deliver the vote of thanks to all who have contributed in making this event such a success.

Firstly, let me say an immense thank you to Ms. Charmaine Moss, whom could not be with us today, for her hard work and dedication in assisting to arranging this march. Ms Moss has asked me to thank all of you for your support now and in the future.

What began as a determination to remember 26 women, whose lives had been lost in 1990 as a result of domestic violence, is today, a national initiative to take a stand against domestic violence.

The goal of this initiative is to promote peace, healing and responsibility in adult relationships in order to eliminate domestic abuse and exploitation of individuals, in the Cayman Islands by the year 2010.

On behalf of the organisers of this year’s Silent Witness Committee:

We would like to express our deep felt thanks to our Guest Speaker Mr. Len Layman, chairperson, Board of Directors of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, for setting the tone through his insightful address.

Mr. Anthony Eden, Minister for Health & Human Services; you have worked with us over the years and your contribution to the club and what we stand for is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Velma Hewitt, president of BPW Grand Cayman, who continues to give her all to this community.

We would also like to thank Ms Donna Bush for her participation and continued support over the years.

Mr. Vaughn Carter for his positive influence and steadfast contributions.

A heart-felt thank you to Ms. Cindy Blekaitis of the Woman’s Resource Center for the strength that she represents.

Our thanks also go out to Mr. Dale Banks for his blessing as we face this struggle.

Mr. Frankie Flowers for donating the hand held silhouettes at very short notice as well as the tents.

Jacque Scott’s for their donation of water.

Ms Karen Edie and Mr. Rudy Myles for their beautiful performance.

The goal of the Silent Witness March is to bring communities together across nations to remember those who have been lost to gender and domestic violence, to show support for those who are still suffering at the hands of their abusers and also to empower those victims to leave and seek help.

We the Business and Professional Women’s Club are deeply moved and honored to be part of today’s Silent Witness March. To see so many of you turn out to support this cause sends a resounding message that we will not tolerate gender and domestic violence not only in the Cayman Islands but around the world.

We thank everyone gathered here today and ask you for your continued support. Together we can achieve the goal!

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