Heart Fund, Butterfield donate treadmill

The Cayman Heart Fund in conjunction with Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd. recently donated sufficient funds for the George Town Hospital to obtain a new exercise treadmill to assist with the testing of cardiac patients in the Cayman Islands.


From left, Lizzette Yearwood, acting CEO HSA; Searlina Bodden, marketing officer, Butterfield Bank; Emily Wilson, cardiac technician, GT Hospital; Suzy Soto, chairman Cayman Heart Fund; and Dr. Greg Hoeksema, medical director, HSA. Photo: Submitted

Ms Suzy Soto, chairman of the Cayman Heart Fund explains why the CHF wanted to become involved in the project: ‘When Dr. Kevin Coy, a visiting cardiologist from Jackson Health, was in Cayman a couple of years ago I asked him how we could assist the George Town Hospital’s Cardiac Unit. He said along with getting individuals to lose weight and change their bad eating habits, an exercise treadmill was a vital piece of equipment. I spoke with Butterfield Bank and they said they would step up to the plate and donate the funds. When the time came, we were a few thousand short, so the CHF pitched in with the rest of the money.’

Ms Suzy says the treadmill is an important step in the determination of a person’s heart health. It has to be monitored by a cardiologist and this treadmill is one of the best. She says the CHF board is very proud of this accomplishment and states: ‘With the War on Weight campaign, we are on our way to help people with weight problem as well.’

Dr Greg Hoeksema, Medical Director at the Health Services Authority says: ‘The HSA and the Cayman Heart Fund share the goal to improve awareness and treatment of cardiac disease in the Cayman Islands. Working in this partnership creates exciting opportunities for advances in cardiac care that would not be possible otherwise. The recent donation of a state-of-the-art Exercise Treadmill Machine by the CHF and Butterfield Bank provides a lasting benefit to our patients. It is a key component of a comprehensive cardiology service being built locally. Dozens of patients, including referrals from Faith Hospital, have already benefited by getting their cardiac treadmill testing at the Cayman Islands Hospital. The generosity of our local business leaders is a critical element in our strategy to advance cardiology services and create new futures together for health care for the people of the Cayman Islands.’

Searlina Bodden, Marketing & Communications Department with Butterfield Bank, explains her company’s involvement in the project: ‘At Butterfield, we consider our greatest resource to be our people – that is, our team, our clients and our country. We are honoured to assist in the addition of a treadmill to the Cardiac Care Unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital and consider this to be yet another step towards a better Cayman Islands. Advancements such as these can only make Cayman a healthier – and happier – place to live.’