Rick will ignore the pain

For many the Cayman Marathon will be a torturous slog lasting anything up to six hours.

Twenty-six miles, finishing in the burning Sunday morning sun is not much fun for most people.

But for Rick Singer, an extraordinary runner, this will be just another long run in preparation for a 2,800 mile run across America in February.

He hopes to do it in just over six weeks, around 60 miles a day and set a Guinness World Record in the process as well as raise pots of money for various charities.

Singer, 31, is a lecturer, motivational speaker and author. He ran the New York City Marathon a month ago but has not been able to train too much since.

‘I’ve been resting a bit and being treated for a neck, back, and knee injury,’ he said.

‘I’m being treated with laser therapy, acupuncture and have been running on a water treadmill at George Town Hospital. The physiotherapy department specifically Jenny and Angela have been incredible.

‘I plan to run the CI Marathon which may be difficult and painful, but we will see.’

Singer started intense training with his personal trainer in order to shock his body and get it ready for the upcoming long runs yesterday.