GT residents also flooded

I note with interest that the Government is providing assistance to the people in Cumber Avenue, who were affected by the flooding of Hurricane Paloma.

This is good, because the people of Cumber deserved assistance years ago.

However, whilst the focus of Government seems to be only on the residents of Bodden Town, it is important to remind them that there were other areas of George Town such as the Swamp and Windsor Park that also experienced chronic and severe flooding.

After the passage of Hurricane Paloma some sections of Windsor Park were so heavily flooded that one resident had to be ferried by boat to her work at the hospital; while residents in the Swamp were chasing tarpons from their yards and battling overflowing septic tanks. These people also suffered substantial property damage and were exposed to significant sanitation hazards as a result of the flooding, yet no assistance is being promised by Government in this case. I wonder why? Surely the elected representatives of George Town must be aware of the plight of their people and the conditions of their district? Is it because they simply do not care? Or perhaps it’s because they were misled and misinformed.

Whatever excuses that the elected representatives of George Town may come up with for their inaction – more needs to be done for the people of George Town who were also affected by the hurricane; and it needs to be done now. We are all aware that the resources of government are stretched due to the rebuilding efforts in Cayman Brac, but surely they must be capable of multi-tasking and caring for more than one section of the country at a time.

Walling Whittaker