Lions push healthy eating

The Lions Club of Tropical Garden Sight First and Diabetes Committee recently sponsored a Nutrition Awareness Campaign at the George Hicks Campus among the year 8 students, as part of November’s worldwide diabetes awareness month celebrations.

The students were treated to seven 50 minutes interactive sessions with Nutritionist Bethany Smith, Regina O’Connor, Brandi Popas, Chad Collins and Dr Robinson over a four-day campaign.

Marie Pride, the life skills coordinator at George Hicks campus welcomed Lion Nereen Thomas and the Lions committee into the life skills classes to promote the campaign across the four schools on the middle school campus.

The students were very responsive and attentive as the presenters used a range of technology as well as models to encourage participation in the sessions. a release from the Lions said.

Most of the students had previous knowledge of the food groups and the nutrients. As such they were very enthused to work with the models of food on the food group pyramid creating a healthy array of foods to promote a healthier lifestyle.

The presenters reminded the students that diabetes as well as other lifestyle diseases can be prevented if they opt for the healthy foods that are available to them. They were also reminded that even though they might not be showing sign of obesity, eating food high in fat over a prolonged period is just as harmful to their health.

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens club will continue this awareness campaign throughout the school year to include 7 and 9.