West Bay buzz

The Wes-Tec Performance Watercraft Nationals jet ski race is on tomorrow. It is organized by Team Wes-Tec performance.

The race will be held at Garvin Park, Morgan’s Harbour in West Bay.

It starts at 11am. This is a family based event and organisers Team West-Tec Performance are inviting all to come and watch the jet ski action.

There are six new racers joining for the first time, so it’s an indication that the sport is growing.

Some of our top racers (Jordan McLean and Corey Miller) are overseas in school, so are unable to compete this time but they still anticipate a very exciting race.

Billy Ebanks and Scott Hydes of team Wes-Tec are in good form and are ready for whatever the competition throws their way.

Concrete Boyz, Tonys Toys and Action Racing will also be in contention for the Championship. Vance Ramgeet of Good-2-Go is still not certain of his position for the race.

There will be two classes: Modified and GP class, each will run seven laps, three times for the day to complete the event.

Jerk chicken, fish tea, sodas and sandwiches should keep the hungry satisfied.