Locks of Love needs hair

Three years ago, Rose Lewis lost all of her hair during chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer.

Now, Ms Lewis is going to give up her hair once more, but this time it is to benefit children suffering from medical hair loss.

In January, Ms. Lewis and a group of friends will donate their cut hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organisation which provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term hair loss due to medical conditions.

‘It is a huge thing to loose your hair – especially for women – our hair says who we are, how we feel and even what kind of day we are having,’ said Ms Lewis.

By donating at least 10 inches of cut hair to Locks of Love, the company can provide children with quality hairpieces to restore confidence and self-assurance to their lives.

‘I chose not to wear a wig when I lost my hair and during that time I felt very vulnerable and exposed,’ said Ms. Lewis.

‘I find it hard to imagine how children and young adults feel knowing their hair loss is permanent. These are the recipients of the hair that is donated to Locks of Love…”

At present, two hairdressers are involved in this event: Beverley from Salon Nouvell, who also is a donor, and Helen from Spa to Go.

Further details about the event will be announced at a later date.

Anyone interested in donating their hair should contact Ms Lewis at 916-7273, Helen of Spa to Go at 947-0004, or Beverley of Salon Nouvell, at 945-1810.

For more details on Locks of Love, visit www.locksoflove.org