Teens are courted to clean Brac

A Cayman businessman is challenging teenagers to prove they are not as soft as their parents like to say by joining the cleanup effort on Cayman Brac.

Property developer Lindsay Scott wants to organise a brigade of teenagers from across Grand Cayman to travel to the Brac at the end of the school term to help clean up debris strew yards before Christmas.

Mr. Scott said just having a clean yard would mean the world to many residents on the Island, even if the Cayman tradition of a White Christmas, with sand covered yards and conch lined walkways, may be out of reach this year.

‘We want them to come over to the Brac and clean up the yards of these elderly Caymanian people whose yards look so bad right now.’

The idea is to have as many teenagers as possible fly to the island for a day’s work on the weekend of 19 and 20 December in an effort to brighten up Christmas for residents on the Hurricane-Paloma ravaged island.

‘The Caymanian people always talk about how soft their kids are … let’s see how strong these kids are,’ Mr. Scott said. ‘Give them a pair of gloves and say ‘go to work – let’s see what you can do’.

‘These kids can show they are not as soft as their parents might think.’

Mr. Scott wants to hear from youth group leaders, teachers, pastors, coaches and anyone else involved with teenage groups that can come up with a group of young volunteers, a supervisor and funding for the group to travel.

He said Cayman Airways has already pledged to slash its prices for teenagers wanting to be involved.

The teens will be have the job of carrying shrubs, branches and other debris up to the street, for a garbage truck to collect.

‘It will mean these people won’t wake up Christmas morning and see all these dead trees still lying in their yards and have to relive all the memories that go with that,’ he noted. ‘The sooner we do this kind of stuff, the quicker they can recover mentally.’

Beyond helping those in need on the Brac, Mr. Scott said the experience could teach the teenagers plenty, too.

‘All these kids have the latest game boy and all these things on their Christmas lists. This will be a reality check for them – to go over to the Brac and see how the kids there are living.

‘They are still going to wake up Christmas morning in their air-conditioned houses and go have an incredible breakfast and get all these incredible gifts. How are people on the Brac going to spend Christmas?’ Mr. Scott asked.

‘Christmas is all about giving and helping out other people and what better way could you help these people out?

For more information on participating, call Lindsay Scott on 325-6766.