Mentoring Cayman programme begins

Mentors participating in this year’s Mentoring Cayman Programme recently met with their students for the first time at an opening reception.

Held at the Marriot Beach Resort, the reception allowed 58 mentors to meet the students they are paired with and their parents.

‘By simply offering friendship, guidance and encouragement, to a young person growing up today, is one of the main beauties of being a successful mentor’, said James Tibbetts, the Immediate Past Chamber President, who spoke at the event.

To the students Mr. Tibbetts asked that they take full advantage of this opportunity, to ask questions, share concerns, have a positive attitude and be committed to their own development.

‘Having a mentor is like having a compass. It can ultimately depend on the direction you take,’ said Mr. Tibbetts.

The central goals of Mentoring Cayman are to motivate students to achieve higher results in school, introduce them to potential new career paths, encourage them to go on to postsecondary education, help them to understand their own strengths and capabilities and to develop a positive work ethic.

Each mentor and student meet one school day per month for seven months at the mentor’s place of work. The first official workplace visit is scheduled for 9 December.

For more information about Mentoring Cayman or any other Chamber of Commerce programme, contact Joanne Diaz-Berry, Programmes & Events Manager, at 949 8090 ext. 123 or [email protected]