Today’s Editorial for December 11: Don’t drink and drive

As Christmas draws closer – only two weeks away from today – Christmas parties will be in full swing.

And with them will be gallons of liquor flowing forth.

No one can bury their head in the sand and say that Christmas parties in the Cayman Islands aren’t filled to the brim with imbibing. They are.

While there’s nothing wrong with sharing a cup of cheer with a fellow co-worker, family members and friends, it is imperative that those who partake do not get behind the wheel of a motorised vehicle for the trip home or to another function.

More and more often businesses and those who throw private parties are being urged to make prior arrangements with bus and taxi companies to ensure that those who do overindulge get home safely, keeping themselves and others on the roads from harm.

The practice of designating a sober driver who will take revellers to and from parties is also an excellent idea.

Driving on the roadways of Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac can be dangerous and deadly even in the best of conditions.

Mix in alcohol and an inebriated driver and the roadways become even more of a danger to both the driver and those he encounters.

If you are going to a party alone, please don’t drink and drive. Take a bus or taxi to the function and make arrangements for either form of public transport to get you home, safely.

If everyone who partakes of alcohol at holiday parties this year ensures that they don’t drive, our roads will be a little safer.

Those who practice bad behaviour on our roadways also need to take notice this year – slow down, don’t weave in and out of traffic, don’t illegally overtake and don’t tailgate.

Not only are these bad behaviours, they are also dangerous and, like drink driving, can lead to death and destruction.

Christmas is always a hectic time of the year, especially here in the Cayman Islands where we have such a diversity of cultures.

Please take time to take care on our roadways during this holiday season.

It is hoped that we all make it through Christmas and New Year’s to enjoy 2009.