Big Race put off

Major racing is seemingly stalling at Breakers Speedway.

A huge drag meet set for the early part of this month has been postponed until the New Year.

Organizers, who themselves are local car enthusiasts, point to a lack of sponsors, prizes and overall support as reasoning for the event being changed.

Several organizers were approached for comment but declined to speak for the record.

However they did express their desire to host a ‘top-notch, fun and very memorable’ event and were adamant to not rush it along.

Up to this point the basic details of the race were in order. Breakers Speedway was set to host drag racing involving anything with wheels and an engine.

Racing was set to be split up into time classes going from 16 seconds up to around seven seconds.

All cars, irrespective of drive-train, were set to race along with bikes. Organizers were hoping to have go-karts and quads out on the track as well.

A burnout contest was also being looked into though it was dependant on the amount of participants for the entire event.

Even the costs were established with prices being around CI$30 at the gate to race (with a CI$20 race fee for pre-registration) and CI$10 for spectators.

The money received was intended to go towards aiding the completion of the circuit course already laid out at Breakers Speedway.

Race organizers had originally aimed to put the race on from the weekend of 23 November but delayed it then due to extra attention being paid to track preparation.

Since the last meet in September enthusiasts have been clamouring for more tire-burning action at the race track.

At that meet the track record was broken some nine times. It would end up being held by visiting dragster Frank Muniz.

The Floridian ran his yellow turbocharged Toyota Supra down the 1/8 strip in a time of 5.685s at 122mph.

The track also witnessed one of its biggest crashes in recent memory. Visiting Floridian dragster Luis Ferrer ran his dark-coloured 1982 Toyota Corolla to a time of 5.800s at 120mph before violently crashing just beyond the stopping area.

Though the car would be a wreck, Ferrer would be ok. Due to a full body roll-cage, the engine remained intact and there was no fire allowing Ferrer to walk away from the crash without a scratch.

In addition local drivers would break two additional track records.

Minroy Hydes’ old front-wheel drive record would be broken by 19 year-old Jason Henry. Henry ran a 7.914s in his purple Nissan Sentra SE-R.

Henry saw stiff competition for the record, especially from Jimel McLean. McLean launched his white Honda Integra Type-R down the 1/8 strip in a time of 7.961s.

Meanwhile the rear-wheel drive record would switch hands twice. Armando Ebanks momentarily captured the record in a time of 6.354s in his strawberry-coloured Mustang. But then Dale Davis stepped up in his black Mustang and ran 6.2s on his final run.

Some 2,500 people came out for the event, a very high number for any automotive-related gathering. There were so many people persons had to park near the end of the drag strip.

The overall winners at the end of the meet were Humberto Rives in his red Suzuki Hayabusa in the motorcycle class, Lionel Durrant in his white Mitsubishi Evolution III in the 9 second class, Tony Brown and his green Camaro won the 8 second class, Kevin Johnson and his white Evo III win the 7 second class and finally Dale Davis in his black Ford Mustang captured the 6 second class.

In October Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell had reportedly stated the intent to host another big race before the end of the year.

At the time he stated his intent to bring down the Jamaican racers who could not come down for the September meet.

Campbell had also said he wanted to put on an event exclusively for local drivers 25-26 October. That never materialized for reasons unclear at press time.

Breakers Speedway is expected to be open during the holiday season for all interested parties.

For more information, contact Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell at 916-2222.