Dolphmanians a new species

So the dolphins have arrived in Cayman.

What a national disgrace! And I do not use the word national loosely because it was our illustrious leaders who granted all the permits for them to be here.

In our society today we do not imprison persons, unless under the law they have been convicted of crimes punishable by that means.

What right do we have then to imprison highly intelligent creatures simply to make a few dollars for a few greedy people?

It is my understanding that dolphins sometimes attempt to mate with their trainers.

It is my hope that some of our illustrious leaders who were instrumental in bringing them here will fall into the tanks and the attempts will not only be successful, but that offspring will result.

This way we may get a few semi-intelligent creatures among us. Since they would be part Dolphin and part Caymanian – we could call them Dolphmanians.

Consuelo Ebanks