Swim with dolphins welcomed

I was glad to see that someone has a sense of humour by saying ‘I prefer the Broncos over the Dolphins’ in your recent poll.

Being a Bronco fan myself I can agree with that statement, when referring to football. Dolphins are wondrous animals and I would very much enjoy an opportunity to swim with them. Since this is highly unlikely to happen in open water then it could only happen in a park setting.

Comparing this activity to what the Nazi death camps were is both irresponsible and intended only to raise self-incrimination issues. Obviously the person(s) making these comparisons has never visited one of these Nazi death camps. I have visited one and the horrible memory will be with me forever. I have also visited a location that offers the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Circumstances prevented us from doing so, yet the encounter we saw was very positive. I grant you that the dolphins are in captivity, yet they did not appear to be suffering. By the way…What type of dolphin is planned for these parks? I expect they will be Bottle-nose rather than Spinner, the only ones I’m familiar with. Bottle-nose dolphins are more likely as they deal with shallow water better than Spinner dolphins, which prefer deeper water. What type of dolphin is in the waters around Cayman? If the price were reasonable and the enclosures spacious for the dolphins, we would certainly consider swimming with them on our next trip.

Bob Mitchell


  1. Wow,it is clear that Mr.Bob Mitchell speaks without knowledge about dolphins in captivity or for that matter of any animal in captivity, he believes that the dolphin don’t show sign of distress or SUFFERING in captivity is probably because they smile????????? I suggest you educate your self in the matter and you will see a different light. ANY ANIMAL IN CAPTIVITY IS UNDER A BIG STRESS AND THEY SUFFER IN SILENCE NO MATTER WHAT. Mr.Bob Mitchell should visit this site http://www.thecovemovie.com or visit Taiji, Japan site, 23,000 dolphins being slaughtered in Taiji, Japan, the one not killed are the dolphin captured for the dolphinariums around the world, let me know your reaction after you have seeing the movie or the horror of Taiji.