Alba taste Cherry Cup again

With a huge bang, the Alba High Rollers have brought a fantastic close to the 2008 WestTel Roller Hockey League.

On Tuesday 10 December the High Rollers wheeled themselves to victory for their second consecutive Cherry Cup title. With the win the Alba High Rollers capped off a successful 2008 run.

Alba started the season off very dominant, giving up only two losses. The squad finished as the heralded No.1 contender going into the playoffs. In week one of the playoffs, they faced last seed Cayman Physio.

The outmatched Cayman Physio squad used their large bench to put up a fair fight. However the High Rollers clinched with a series of late-game goals by team leading scorer Wolfgang Brocklebank.

In the finals, the High Rollers convincingly defeated the Budget Beavers in 2 straight games. The High Rollers were led once again by Brocklebank who had seven goals in the final two games. This is the first time in the league’s history that such a feat has been accomplished.

The Beavers put up a close fight, with six goals in the series by the Team Captain Mark Missal. Missal, coming off some injuries from the Spring, had a fantastic season. However the team’s most dominant player Tim McDonald was held to only three goals in the end.

Much of that came courtesy of stellar play from Alba goalie John Cowan. Cowan was successful in holding off several late game attempts by the Beavers and was commended for his efforts by earning the right to raise the coveted cup once again.

Cowan’s play allowed the Alba High Rollers to be kings of Cayman hockey for 2008.

As we head into the holiday season, King’s Sports Centre is still busy planning away for the launch of a brand new year. They have a number of fresh new ideas to keep WestTel roller hockey a vibrant Cayman sport.

Athletic Director Raymond Singh had much to be thankful for.

‘We’re thankful to all of our sponsors and players. 2008 marked a number of big steps for Cayman Hockey. A good portion of our adult program is now made up of our very own youth hockey coaches and 2009 will see even further growth.

‘As more players, young and adult alike join the program we are working to bring in more options, perhaps even the possibility of international tournaments.

‘We have a whole series of surprises in store for this growing community. Bring on 2009!’

For more information on WestTel roller hockey or any other King’s Sports Centre programme, contact [email protected].