Dolphinariums should be avoided

There should be a poll on how many people will now skip Grand Cayman.

I don’t even make a cruise because I don’t want to be on a boat with people who visit such cruel institutions as dolphinariums.

Dolphins die to entertain people.

Do people know where they come from and how they were chased and how many dolphins died to catch just one?

When caught they are ripped away from their families and transported and sold like products but the dolphinariums don’t care; no they are the ones buying and paying because their visitors need to be entertained.

Do those visitors know how dolphins are trained?

The visitors go home after the show to their families but the dolphins need to work for their food and earn each and every bite for the rest of their lives even when they are sick.

Dolphins never go home and they will never see their families again.

If people really like dolphins they would defend them, ignorance is no excuse.

Mercedes De Windt

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