Dr. Frank fined $100 after guilty plea

The trial of former government minister Frank McField concluded on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.

Magistrate Nova Hall imposed the maximum penalty, which is a fine of $100.

Dr. Frank had been charged with disorderly conduct and threatening violence after an incident along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on 9 November, 2006.

After his plea to the one charge, Crown Counsel Nicola Moore said the other charge could lie on the file and not be proceeded with.

The charges arose from exchanges Dr. Frank had with police officers who stopped his chauffeur for speeding.

The disorderly conduct was based on words he was accused of using, including ‘you old dirty f…ing Cayman Bracker’.

Trial began on 9 July and then had to be adjourned until October because of attorneys’ commitments.

Defence Attorney Clyde Allen argued at the close of the Crown’s case that the ‘f’ word, if used, depended on context. He suggested that it would not be disorderly if no one were offended.

The magistrate ruled against him.

At the sentencing, no mention was made of Dr. Frank’s previous matter, for which trial concluded in February. That case concerned an incident at a roadblock following a fatal accident on Shamrock Road in September 2006.

He was fined $2,300 in the Summary Court after being found guilty by another magistrate on charges of assaulting police, threatening violence, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was found not guilty on two charges of obstructing police.

Dr. Frank, whose degree is in sociology, was the member of Cabinet responsible for Community Services, 2001-05.