New black belts are kickin’

The Cayman Assoicated School of Karate has three new black belt exponents.

Cayman CASK held its second black belt grading in Cayman last month and Paulman Hui, Paul Lawrence and Pedro Reis tested for their Shodan (first degree black belt) under Shihan Greg Reid, who is an eighth Dan Wado/Shindo.

The three had done several mock black belt gradings to prepare for this grading.

The test took a little over an hour completing all levels of training from stretching to calisthenics, core body strengthening, Japanese terminology, kumite (free sparring) and kata (formal exercise).

Sensei Greg tested the stamina, knowledge and concentration of each karate-ka (student).

Hui has been training since he was eight in different styles such as Hap Ki Do, Taekwondo, Shorinji Kempo and Butokukan.

Hui said: ‘I really appreciate that karate is truly a great art and sport, which teaches me focus not only on physical conditioning, but also psychological and spiritual. I believe that karate has something to offer everyone.’

Lawrence started his training in 1974 in Shotokan and after a 10-year break, started his training again with Sensei Greg. He too appreciates the strengthening and flexibility aspect of Wado along with the opportunity to teach other students.

Reis joined the school from Portugal training in Shotokan since the age of 14. He has enjoyed in the past, competing in kata, kumite and group kata and has won several medals.

After an injury and study, Reis interrupted his training for about nine years until he started training with Sensei Greg.

He said: ‘I really enjoy the many aspects of Wado karate like jujitsu, body shifting, weaponry, kata, kumite and self-defense.’

CASK Wado currently has eight black belts training under Sensei Greg Reid.

The school is growing daily as children and adults learn of the value of karate in everyday life along with the philosophy and teaching skills of Reid. Classes are held at King’s Sports Centre on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. For more information contact Sensei Greg Reid at 345-925-3367.

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