3P fashion show raises awareness

The participants in the recent 3P Fashion and Entertainment Show were on a mission to reinforce Positive Peer Power. These young people used their talents to spread an optimistic message in support of HIV/AIDS awareness.

The 3P show was held to benefit the production of When No One’s Looking, a local movie focused on raising community awareness of HIV/AIDS.

‘Half of the population of newly infected HIV cases are with people between 15-24,’ said Adonza Harrison, the organizer of 3P Entertainment.

‘We will have a serious problem if we don’t try to reach to our young people.’

Rather than focusing on the negativity which surrounds the growing epidemic, however, the 3P participants motivated their audience with inspiring songs, skits, dances and fashion designs.

‘We wanted to share love and encouragement to all that came,’ said Felix Manzanares, a youth pastor and co-host of the event.

Yental McGaw, the former Cayman Miss Teen, also co-hosted the evening.

The 3P show included the appearance of several members of the Cayman Cadet Corps, the reigning Miss Cayman, Nicosia Lawson, members of the Purple Dragon’s STORM, Pauze Entertainment, members of the Church of God Chapel Youth Ministry, Sarah Kramer, Nathania Welds, Shane Ebanks, Mike Edwards, and Cherie Branch.

Fashions designed by Luigi Moxam and Letitia Davis-Eden were modelled throughout the night.

A special series of Red Cross t-shirts, which bore the message HIV + Until Proving Negative, were also modelled during the show.

This special series of shirts were designed to encourage locals to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

‘Many young people do not know how they can get infected, they trust that each person has protected themselves and done the best they can,’ said Mrs. Harrison.

Trust is not enough, however. Statistics read at the 3P show reminded the audience that 9 out of 10 people how are infected with HIV/AIDS do not realize they are.

‘With HIV and AIDS, there’s no going back – once you have it, that’s it,’ said Mrs. Harrison, ‘and your life changes forever.’

The supporters of the 3P show are hoping to increase community awareness in response to the growing epidemic through the local movie, When No One’s Looking.

The audience got a chance to view the trailer for this local movie, which has an almost entirely Caymanian cast.

Mr. Moxam, whose clothing designs were well-received at the 3P show, also plays a role in the movie as a villainous, womanizing fireman.

‘I was very, very hesitant for a second to take that role of Todd, who’s a villain and who gets the lead pregnant and infected…’ said Mr. Moxam.

‘But after I thought that, I thought: this is a good opportunity to get involved with something really big and powerful.’

Since the 3P show, it seems many corporations and community members have been sharing those thoughts.

According to Mrs. Harrison, plans have begun to fall into place for a second show to take place in the new year.

The ambitious plans for next year’s production are constantly growing and 3P is looking to be bigger and better than before.

For more information about When No One’s Looking, visit alternativebusinesssolutions.biz/wnolcayman

For more information on 3P Entertainment, please contact Mrs. Harrison at 325-6658 or [email protected].