Cruise calls slow into 2009

There will be slimmer pickings from cruise tourism in the first quarter of 2009 with less cruise calls scheduled than the same period last year.

George Town Harbour

Cruise ships at anchor at George Town Harbour. Photo: File

Comparing the 2009 cruise schedule for the first quarter to last year’s, there is the potential for 100,000 less passengers based on the ships’ maximum capacity for passengers.

January and March look set to be the busiest of the next three months for cruise activity in Grand Cayman.

According to the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands’ cruise schedule, each of these months could see just over 184,000 cruise passengers if ships are full.

February looks to be quieter, with a maximum potential for 162,927 passengers in the month.

But projections for the next three months are lower than the same period last year.

Scheduled for this January are 73 calls from 33 vessels, giving a total potential for 184,505 passengers. Last January there were 92 calls from 40 vessels scheduled with a maximum potential for nearly 52,000 more passengers than this January.

There are 63 calls from 29 vessels scheduled for February this year compared to 77 calls from 37 ships scheduled last year for that month. With this downturn in calls it could mean the loss of 32,644 passengers according to projections, if ships are full.

This coming March there are 70 calls scheduled from 29 vessels compared to last year’s schedule of 81 calls from 37 vessels. This would mean the potential for 17,328 less passengers this March.

The busiest day in January is Tuesday 13 when there are six ships in port. Days in January when there are five ships in port are: Tuesday 6, Wednesday 14, Tuesday 20, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28.

The busiest days in February are those with five ships in port. They are: Wednesday 4, Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25.

In March the busiest day is Tuesday 24 when there are six ships in port. Other busy days in March, with five ships in port, are: Tuesday 3, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Tuesday 17, Wednesday 25 and Tuesday 31.