Bush blames PPM for crime

Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush blamed the People’s Progressive Movement for rising crime in a press release issued this week.

Mr. Bush said the growing reports of crimes in Cayman were tied to the overall worsening state of affairs generally in the country.

‘These increasing incidences of burglaries and other crimes, which have impacted people’s homes and businesses, [are] linked to the social and economic crisis that this government has put this country in with their poor policies,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, this Government does not seem to understand the relationship between a healthy economy and a more stable society.’

Mr. Bush noted there were a record number of murders – seven in total – in the Cayman Islands in 2008.

“We already have severe worsening economic conditions and people are suffering,’ he said. ‘We don’t need an ineffective approach to dealing with issues such as crime and security at this time.’

Mr. Bush said that when the PPM came into power in 2005, the blamed the former United Democratic Party for higher crime rates.

‘Now after their three and a half years in power, we are seeing the highest murder rates in our history and increasing burglaries and other crimes in general,’ he said. ‘The PPM should now be held accountable for the serious situation that we are in regarding crimes in this country.’

Mr. Bush did not blame the police for the rising crime rates.

‘There are dedicated and hard working persons within the RCIPS,’ he said. ‘But they must be provided with the necessary stability in their working environment in which to do their jobs.

It is widely known that morale is very low within the RCIPS.’

Mr. Bush gave his support to the new Acting Commissioner James Smith.

“It has to be said that the new acting commissioner has not stepped into an ideal working environment, but I encourage everyone to get behind and give him the necessary support to try to keep the RCIPS effective on an ongoing basis,’ he said. ‘The government has a responsibility for peace, order and good governance and if they had the audacity to blame the UDP in 2005 they should accept blame now.’