Smoking law and problems

We are welcoming the smoking law for the Restaurants and believe it is the right way for the future.

But as always it is not as cut and dry as it looks on paper.

Just enforcing huge fines towards the proprietors is absolutely wrong.

The law needs to be workable for the hospitality industry and needs to be discussed.

All our restaurants are smoke free indoors, Prime, the Brazilian Churrascaria is an indoor Restaurant and does not allow smoking at all, but if one has the urge to smoke, we provide two outdoor tables for them to have a cigarette or cigar. If the outdoor table will be labeled as a place of collective use, then this is wrong.

Abacus at Camana Bay does not permit smoking indoors at the bar and in the dining room, but if someone wishes to light up they can go to the outside lounge.

The same for Deckers; no smoking indoors and no smoking outdoors at the dining tables.

The law makes more sense if we are able to provide an outdoor place for anybody to have a cigarette or cigar, which would be smart thinking.

The smoking law needs to be enforceable and needs to be workable for the establishments.

Most people involved in creating the law, I am sure, do not own or operate hospitality operations. We deal with clients and tourist alike and it needs to be right. Over the holiday Christmas season we noticed that a lot of tourists, when in need for a cigarette, left the dinner table and proceeded toward the dedicated smoking section away from the dinner tables; that is fair game.

Cigarettes are not good for anybody, but they are not an illegal substance anywhere.

Let’s be reasonable with the law and the fines. Most of us want the non-smoking law because it is a good Law, but let’s make it good for everybody.

Markus Mueri