Breakers finds another gear

Drag racing will build off the momentum gained from its New Year’s Day race next month.

A drag meet is scheduled for Sunday 1 February at Breakers Speedway.

The meet will focus on local racers and be open to motorcycles, cars, trucks and race-ready vehicles.

The race will be a two day event with qualifying, testing and tuning taking place 6-10pm on Saturday 31 January.

The actual racing itself will then go off on Sunday from 2pm to about 6pm.

An entrance fee of CI$10 and a race fee of CI$25 will be in effect for the meet.

Cash prizes similar in amount to the New Year’s Day race will be on offer.

One of the biggest prizes on offer will be US$1000 for the first racer to achieve a 1/8 mile drag time of 5.999 seconds or less.

At the New Year’s meet the lowest time was 6.4s by Delroy Forbes in his lime green 1960s Chevrolet Camaro.

Dale Davis has the lowest time by a local driver at Breakers with a time of 6.2s in his black early 90s Ford Mustang.

The February meet will be organized by Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell with the help of a number of local racers.

In addition American dragster Billy Moffitt will be on island to assist with track preparation. He is slated to be on-island from 29 January.

For Campbell the February race will build off the positives seen in the previous race and correct all outstanding issues.

‘For the last race we saw improvement in restricting spectators in the staging area and we had better crowd control. I hope to build on those positives in February.

‘We also hope to implement more guidelines for racing including more crowd control and more track preparation (even stretching down to the finish line if possible).’

One of the devices sure to help with track prep is a track blower donated by Billy Moffitt. The blower is used to clear debris off the track and ensure a clean surface on which to pour down the relevant bonding chemicals.

The blower seemed to reap dividends at the last race as the surface seemed to be smoother and stronger than in the past.

Even with the race being on a holiday a significant number of spectators came out.

Judging by the sentiments from the crowd, racers and organizers like Ricky Bodden and Roje Williams, the last race was a resounding success with plenty of good showings by local racers.

Among the big winners on the day was Dwayne Forde on his bright green Suzuki GSX-R race bike. Forde won the motorcycle open class, had the fastest elapsed time (e.t) for motorcycles and walked away with US$350.

Delroy Forbes was the biggest winner on the day. Forbes nabbed US$850 for winning the six second class and having the fastest e.t in a RWD vehicle.

Kevin Johnson won US$500 for claiming the seven second class in his race-ready white Mitsubishi Evolution III.

Robert Thompson won US$400 for nabbing the eight second class in his yellow Ford Mustang.

Deandre Simpson won US$250 for grabbing the nine second class in his white Nissan Silvia.

Terry Ballard and Patrick Campbell won US$100 apiece for the fastest e.t in their respective cars. Ballard set the mark in his black FWD Dodge Neon SRT-4 while Campbell excelled in his black AWD Nissan Skyline GTR.

Campbell in particular had a solid day at the track. He would set the new record for fastest e.t by an AWD car at Breakers. His time of 6.648s broke the old mark of 6.7s held by Michael ‘Bad Oil’ Williams in his Evolution III.

Many of the drivers had good runs though they did not win prizes.

Clive Peter, a relative newcomer on the local motorsports scene, ran his light green Chevy Camaro (similar to that of Delroy Forbes) to a time of 6.9s.

Experienced racer Jody Jervis, known for his exploits behind the wheel of his silver Nissan Skyline GTR, showed good potential in his other car. Jervis ran his white Skyline to times of 6.94s and 6.7s.

Sammy Jackson was a crowd favourite in his 1050hp Chevy Camaro. With his heavy torque and jaw-dropping power Jackson certainly has the potential to break track records in the future.

For volunteer Roje Williams the race was a safe, enjoyable experience.

‘I thought Deandre [Simpson] did a spectacular job for someone not known as a racer. Also [Dwayne] Forde did well after having technical difficulties with his bike to sort them out in between runs to win.

‘Overall it was a safe, fun day. Records were broken and many experienced guys came and did well. I’m looking forward to more young people getting involved in February.’