Man shot outside WB store

A West Bay man was in critical condition Friday following a shooting in the street outside a local restaurant-grocery store.

The victim, identified as 40-year-old Tony Ebanks, was taken to hospital in a private vehicle around 11pm Thursday after he was shot near the Super C restaurant on Watercourse Road.

The crime scene

PC Sharon Baillie (left) and Super C owner Caches Stewart at the crime scene. Photo: Brent Fuller

Witnesses at the scene said Mr. Ebanks and a few others were sitting on a truck outside the restaurant when a suspect opened fire and ran off. The restaurant was closed at the time, according to its owner.

Super C owner Caches Stewart said Mr. Ebanks, who lives across the street from the store, has been shot at before in an apparent dispute with other local residents. He said he didn’t expect Thursday night’s violence to overly affect his business.

‘For now, people for the first couple days will avoid it,’ Mr. Stewart said. ‘But people in the area know who is who and what is what.’

No arrests had been reported by police as of Friday morning.