Response welcomed

In response to your article on gas prices in the 7 January edition of your newspaper, I would like to comment as follows.

Pump prices have dropped since my letter, but it still costs me over $3 a gallon for premium so we have some way to go to reach the $2.10 per gallon, which would truly reflect the drop in world oil prices.

Mr. Neesome’s comments on the size and other factors of the US market, and the difference between the US and imperial gallons are irrelevant to my complaint as I was not disputing that gas is more expensive here than it should be.

My complaint was simply that there is too much delay in passing on the drop in prices to the Cayman consumer.

Mr. Neesome goes to some length to justify the reasons for this delay; however, what he does not explain is why these delaying factors, which should be the same regardless of trends in world prices, seem to be considerably abbreviated when prices go up.

I would however like to thank Mr Neesome for at least responding to the public’s concerns, which is in stark contrast to the like it or lump it attitude of Texaco-Chevron, which steadfastly ignores requests for comment from both the public and the media.

Perhaps Mr Neesome can demonstrate some free market economics and reduce the profit margin on his next consignment of gas by 5 per cent to stimulate some competition with his silent rival. His multi billion dollar quarterly profits can surely afford it.

Roger M. Davies