Keeping dolphins captive wrong

With all due respect, I think Suzy Soto’s Conch is Cracked if she truly believes that captive dolphins are better off trapped in small tanks doing tricks for tourists in order to get food.

To say that dolphins that are captured for these programmes are being ‘saved from the perils of the wild’ is simply an outrageous and false statement.

Furthermore, Mr. Soto, as a respected pioneer for diving and marine conservation has lost a tremendous amount of credibility in my eyes for publicly supporting captive dolphin programs. I am certain many who bestowed honours on him would agree.

Tens of thousands will flock to these attractions. It will bring in huge revenues and may benefit overall tourism figures (and nearby restaurants). That does not make this any less wrong.

Just as Suzy and Bob Soto have the right to publicly stand in favour, I would like to respectfully disagree in the same forum.

One final note: ‘Mrs. Soto said if people want to see dolphins free then everyone needs to let the cows, dogs and birds in a cage, loose’. I don’t think that thoughtful and educated assessment requires any response. The supporters of captive dolphin programmes have spoken.

Andrew Bacon