Losing weight – what it takes

For weight loss, toning up or quitting a non-health supporting habit, January is the month that seems to be a jumping off place with new inspiration and motivation for personal health and improvement.

Have you jump started yourself yet, or are you still tucked within the lull and languor of the post-holiday festivities?

With time ticking away and mid-January approaching, people are beginning to stir and get back on board for personal health and fitness, especially with regard to losing weight.

The New Beginnings weight loss programme recommences in January with success-motivated participants showing up and facing the scale (often with relief to see that things were not as bad as feared) and setting new purposes and intentions for weight loss in the upcoming months till Easter.

In these economically difficult times, maintaining health, wellness and balance is a vital aspect of life to remember and maintain on your high-priority list. As Oprah recently said, losing weight means ‘putting yourself on your own to do list.’

What does it take to lose weight and keep it off permanently? It takes much more than a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid on a restrictive diet.

It also takes more than a heavy schedule of working out physically and then losing motivation or incurring injury. Successful weight loss is the result of a deep, personal involvement and commitment to oneself and change; (I know this well, having lost 90 lbs myself and developing the New Beginnings Programme.)

A new component of New Beginnings for 2009 includes ‘Developing a Personal Relationship with Your Body’ in addition to food and nutritional guidelines, support for your unique set of challenges, encouragement and motivation to succeed. Personal privacy is respected in group sessions.

If you would like to lose weight and keep it off, Lifestyles offers something new and unique in 2009. New and returning participants are welcome. At-Work, Private and Family Plans are also available.

I wish you good health and wellness in 2009, and I wish you successful weight loss.