Art for the Palate whets the appetite

The Visual Arts Society will be having a food related exhibition to coincide with the Cayman Cookout event A Cook’s Tour of Cayman with Anthony Bourdain being held at Pedro St. James on Sunday 18 January.

golden pears

This work, Golden Pears by VAS artist Dora Williams, is just one of the many food-themed artworks that will be on display at the VASs Art for the Palate exhibit. Photo: Submitted

The exhibition is entitled Food for the Palate to keep in with the theme of the weekend.

‘When a friend sent me the info of the Cayman Cookout, knowing that I was a ‘foodie’, and I saw that one event was being held at Pedro, I thought it would be a great idea to have a food-related art exhibition to coincide with the event, considering that the VAS’ home is at Walter House,’ said Avril Ward, artist and a member of the board of the Visual Arts Society.

‘I discussed it with the board and they thought it a good idea too.’

The VAS’ artist members were notified and asked to submit one painting with a food theme.

The show will feature local artists, including John Broad, Sue Widmer, Dora Williams, Sue Howe, Renate Seffer and, obviously, Avril Ward.

Due to the limited space available in Watler House, the show will be curated, with only the highest standard of artwork being shown.

‘Although we now have set up the Watler House to hold a permanent exhibition of our members’ artworks, which can be viewed by appointment, it is easily changed,’ explained Ms Ward.

‘So on the day, we will have set up the new show and be open to the public from 1 until 5pm.’

Ms Ward added that for those who do not have tickets to the Cayman Cookout event, but who wish to see the show, it can be viewed for free from 10am to 12pm.

For those who are attending Cayman Cookout events but do not have tickets to the Anthony Bourdain tour at Pedro St. James, the art exhibit will also be on display on Saturday, 17 January at the Ritz-Carlton on the Great Lawn from 2 to 4pm.

‘The art show will be a ‘moving event’, showing Saturday at the Ritz and Sunday at Watler House at Pedro Castle,’ stated Ms Ward. This way the Visual Arts Society is attempting to make the show accessible to all.

For more information on the show or the featured artists, visit or email [email protected].