Monday is launch of 2009 elections

The official launch of the 2009 General Elections takes place on Monday, 19 January.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez explained that, for the purpose of every General Election of Members of the Legislative Assembly, the Governor must issue writs under the Public Seal to the Returning Officers of the six electoral districts.

Mr. Gomez said the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, has appointed Monday as the date for issuing the writs to the Returning Officers. He will sign the writs in the presence of election officers and the media, then give them to the Returning Officers.

The writ requires each Returning Officer to ‘proceed to the nomination of candidates’ on a specified day at a specified place. Nomination Day has been set for 25 March. The place will be different for each district.

There is only one Nomination Day and a person is properly a candidate only if nominated on that day.

Each Returning Officer is then required to hold an election ‘if necessary’. An election would not be necessary if the number of nominations did not exceed the number of seats that district has in Assembly. In 1984, for example, John McLean was unopposed for East End’s single seat.

Elections have already been announced for 20 May.

The Returning Officers for the six electoral districts are the same as for the 2005 elections:

West Bay, Mr. Delano Oliver Solomon;

George Town, Mr. Philip Antonio Barnes;

Bodden Town, Mr. Lee Frederick Ramoon;

North Side, Ms. Jennifer Louise Kaufman;

East End, Mr. Dale Morrison Banks;

Sister Islands, Mr. Dave Talbert Tatum.

Mr. Gomez expressed appreciation to all officers for agreeing to serve again.