Off to conquer the world!

Under the guidance of coach Cline ‘CG’ Glidden, the Cayman Under-11 national team, participated in the Got Milk 3v3 National Championships in Orlando in July.

They went undefeated and were crowned the Got Milk 3v3 National Champions.

The team goes to the Kick-It 3v3 2008 World Championship in Disney Wide World of Complex in Orlando today to compete against teams from across the Unites States.

Representing Cayman are, Ryan Burke, Coilin Flynn, Cline Glidden Jnr, Jagger Hope, Anton Nelson and Daniel Smith. Altogether this group represents three club teams and schools and are all veterans of the 3v3 format.

The 3v3 game is played on a smaller field with 6ft by 4ft goals, with three players per side, no goalkeeping and unlimited substitutions.

The format emphasizes ball handling skills, passing and teamwork. The speed of the game is fast, requiring both stamina and the ability to think quick on your feet, providing both a both physical and mental challenge to the players.