Poll: Economy top issue in 2009

Nearly 60 per cent of the respondents to the most recently completed caycompass.com online poll say the economy is the biggest issue facing the Cayman Islands in 2009.

Of the 527 respondents to the poll, 309 (58.6 per cent) thought Cayman would face challenges concerning the economy this year.

‘Time to buckle up, Cayman, and realise we are all part of the global economy and not free from its wrath,’ commented one person.

‘Older workers won’t be able to retire, which means younger would-be workers won’t be able to get jobs,’ wrote someone else.

A large segment of other respondents (118 people, or 22.4 per cent) though overseas threats to the financial services industry would be the biggest issue facing Cayman in 2009.

‘The economy will be bad, yes, but it’s cyclical,’ said one person. ‘It will get better, if all other things stay the same. However, initiatives like that of President-elect Obama and other in the US Congress, as well as the OECD, could fundamentally change things here for the worse.’

Surprisingly, only 58 respondents (11 per cent) thought the general elections in May and the referendum on the constitution represented the biggest issue facing the Cayman Islands in 2009.

‘Very poor, visionless, non-strategic, reactionary, unintelligent leadership, and so far no better options presenting themselves for the upcoming election,’ said one respondent.

Eighteen people (3.4 per cent) thought the recovery from Hurricane Paloma and the threat of new hurricanes represented the biggest issue facing Cayman this year.

An additional 24 people (4.6 per cent) thought other issues were bigger. More than half of those people mentioned crime.

‘The escalating crime rate with specific reference to violent crimes and murder,’ said one respondent.

There were several other ‘write-in’ responses.

‘Getting people to visit your over-priced but beautiful island,’ said one overseas respondent.

‘Maintaining the integrity of the Cayman Islands while being bombarded with berthing projects, more high-rise construction and basically fighting those whose greed would turn the Cayman into another empty tourist trap,’ wrote someone else.