Business Security Tips

Planning for your Business

This time of year, it’s often dark by the time we leave our offices. This, together with planning for the New Year, makes it a great time to review the security practices at your workplace.

The first set of tips below does not really require any investment other than thought and time. These can be easily implemented by simply discussing security issues and procedures with the staff within the workplace;

• Provide training for all employees- including cleaning staff- so they are familiar with security procedures and know your expectations.
• Suggest a buddy system within the parking area.
• Keep facilities well-lit, inside and out,even during non-business hours.
• Register all guests and accompany them during their visits.
• Never leave your reception area unattended.
• Don’t allow unknown service personnel free access to your office space.
• Report broken doors, windows, and locks to building security personnel.
• Monitor and report suspicious activity in or near your facility.
• Shred or destroy old documents containing sensitive business information.
• Keep an inventory of your most critical equipment, hardware and software.
• Develop fire and emergency plans and regularly practice drills.
• Form a safety team to help keep safety and security issues a focus

Encourage employees to secure  valuables, including documents that might contain personal information, in their  work areas at all times and especially during company gatherings or breaks.

The next set of tips will require some form of investment by the business to ensure that the business’ security is taken to the next level. These can be easily tailored to suit each business and implemented by a local professional security company that can conduct a free security survey and give advice on alarm systems and other devices.

• Check the parking lot for good lighting and unobstructed views and create a well-lit, access-controlled parking area.

• If possible, bring in a uniformed security guard and make guarding security escorts available to and from employee parking.

• Consider an integrated and monitored     security, flood and fire system to monitor both the security and environmental conditions of the business.

• If you already have a security system, request regular system inspections and evaluations.

• Consider a CCTV Surveillance video system, which allows easy access to facility cameras remotely via the Internet (detailed in Business Security part 1, THE CHAMBER Issue 4 of 2008).

• Consider installing an electronic access system for outside entrances and inside security doors and closely monitor the data for all photo badges, ID cards, etc. – this is much easier and more effective than issuing keys (which can be lost and duplicated) to opening staff.

• Electronically control the outside entrance doors with an Access Control System and monitor these doors with a security alarm system; never allow them to be propped open if no one is present or nearby.

In addition to considering and implementing the above steps, also consider a professional security company’s uniformed guarding services for a multi-faceted approach to your business security.

A uniformed guarding service can provide your business with many tailored made services to suit each individual company such as property patrol, alarm response, dedicated K9 service and uniformed guards to securely deliver your businesses sensitive documents, Part 3 of Business Security (THE CHAMBER, Issue 2 of 2009) will provide more detail on uniformed guarding services.

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