Climbing the Ladder with Adriane Beersingh

THE CHAMBER had the chance to sit down with Adriane Beersingh, principal consultant for AP Marketing Services, who shared her experiences of leaving a successful career in banking to becoming an entrepreneur.
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mrs. Beersingh also lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, where her father, Garton Powery, worked as a seaman.
“I cannot recall any major challenges growing up, with the exception of losing my father at the age of six,” says Ms. Beersingh.
“But I am sure if you ask me this question next week I will have a long list.  I grew up thinking that I could do anything I put my mind to and still believe that today.” 
It’s likely that Ms Beersingh’s world view was shaped in part by the many opportunities to travel she had in her life.
“Travel has always been a part of my life.  In addition, to spending summers in Grand Cayman I have had the fortune of travelling to Belgium, France, Canada and throughout the United States,” she says.
“As a young woman, I enjoyed reading, swimming and playing the piano and billiards. Once I started these activities, I could do them non-stop.”
A high achiever, Mrs. Beersingh graduated from McDonogh 35 Senior High School, a college preparatory high school, where she obtained a Citizen’s and Regent’s Scholar Award. She then furthered her education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.    
Mrs. Beersingh says that’s when her fascination of marketing began, when she was selected by her college professor to participate in a paid marketing internship at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. 
“During this time I was given the opportunity to work on real projects that involved marketing research, product development and meeting VIP’s,” she recalls.
Her interest in marketing stayed with her. After working for a large company in the financial sector for a number of years, she realised it was time to branch out on her own and follow her dream.  
“I made the decision to start my consultancy during my pregnancy with my daughter, Kayla, who is now five years old,” said Mrs. Beersingh.
“I left my job as an assistant vice president with Cayman National and with the support of my husband, Patrick; I was able to launch my own marketing consultancy that specialises in marketing research.”  
As a principal consultant, Mrs. Beersingh serves as project manager ensuring the projects are done in a timely ethical manner and clients are completely satisfied.
Now, Mrs. Beersingh focuses her attention on providing customised solutions based on her client’s unique goals and objectives. 
And it’s not just about photo-ops and press releases.
“Depending on the client’s needs, qualitative or quantitative research (or both) is conducted,” she says.
“Both techniques involve gathering relevant, reliable and current information that define problems and market opportunities.”
She says focus groups and telephone surveys play a big role in collecting valuable market information for her clients.
AP Marketing Services also helps its clients develop marketing strategies, performs competitive analysis and conducts mystery shopping, a market research technique that’s gaining popularity.
Mystery shoppers pose as normal customers and provide feedback about their experience to the researchers.
No matter what field they are interested in entering, Mrs. Beersingh has plenty of tips for those looking to become entrepreneurs and succeed.
“Be prepared to put in the hours to make your business successful, back-up all work, record all expenses and profit and become a member in a professional association,” she advises.   
And, as for any entrepreneur, while her business plays a large role in her life, Mrs. Beersingh looks outward when she assesses her achievements.
“An achievement for me is having repeat clients and referrals from previously clients,” she says.
“Being inducted into the Rotary Club, a non-profit organisation that serves the community is also something that I am very proud of.”