CML Offshore Recruitment launches new services

When CML Offshore Recruitment opened its doors in July 2004, officials at the Department of Employment Relations reported no fewer than 19 registered recruitment agencies conducting business in the Cayman Islands. 
CML has grown from a back-room operation in the Harbour Centre employing three staff, to a spacious office at Grand Pavilion on Seven Mile Beach and a staff of 25, as well as an army of temping contractors.
“The Cayman Islands has always seen a competitive recruitment market,” according to CEO Steve McIntosh, a Chartered Accountant who earned his offshore stripes with KPMG, one the world’s Big Four accounting firms, right here in the Cayman Islands.
It has an accounting recruitment team of four (which includes two other chartered accountants with offshore experience), a legal recruitment team of three, an administrative recruitment team of two and even a specialist IT recruiter with several years IT Recruitment experience in the competitive UK market.
CML has recently branched out to offer several recruitment support services.

Immigration Services
Although CML has provided immigration support services for many years to clients and candidates using its recruitment services, it has recently begun offering third-party clients full immigration outsourcing services. With the aim of providing the best service available in the islands, CML has invested heavily in infrastructure such as a web-based immigration portal, which allows companies and their employees to track the progress of their work permits in as close to real time as possible. 
The unique service, which synchronises its data with the Immigration Department, gives both employers and employees greater oversight and control of the immigration process and offers a wealth of benefits including the ability for employees to download blank forms and upload completed forms along with other supporting documentation.  This means employers and employees have ongoing access (via secure unique login) to electronic copies of completed forms and the full immigration history.
“Immigration processing is a real headache for many companies and a huge source of stress for employees,” commented Nadine Dajani, VP of Outsourced Services at CML.  “Many companies lack the size to warrant a full-time HR staff.  Outsourcing is a perfect solution for them.  Other companies have HR staff so busy with recruitment, payroll, benefits admin and so on that they really don’t have the time to continually follow up with employees and the Department of Immigration.  Immigration processing is 90 per cent mundane admin and 10 per cent high drama.  We aim to shoulder the admin burden as well as helping the client to avoid the drama, and at the same time reduce the cost of immigration compliance to the client.”
Caymanian Antoinette Williams leads the immigration processing. 
“We’ve built an exceptional team to provide Immigration Support”, commented McIntosh. “And we’ve made sure they’re backed by the best available resources.  We’re looking forward to expanding the team and we’re always on the lookout for the best talent Cayman has to offer”.
Payroll Services
CML’s payroll services are overseen by qualified accountants backed up by a customer services team that aims to resolve employee and management queries in record time.  The service includes new employee induction, HR and accounting record-keeping, bank transfers, health insurance and pension administration.
Relocation Services
Companies hiring staff from overseas can take advantage of CML’s dedicated Relocation Consultant.  CML has found that having a dedicated person keeping in touch with new recruits, from the time of offer up to their arrival on the island, significantly reduces the risk that they will renege on their contract – an occupational hazard in offshore recruitment – as well as improving the retention rate once on island.  Many companies are attentive right up to the point of an offer and then do not have the resources to keep close contact whilst they wait for permit processing.  All kinds of things can happen in someone’s life which can distract them.  CML’s service aims to keep incoming staff enthusiastic, informed, and on schedule.
Video Conference Interviews
CML’s video conference facility gives clients the opportunity to meet candidates face to face via webcam from their home, for substantially less than outmoded and expensive traditional VC facilities which can cost many hundred of dollars per hour.  The service is a free option for any client interviewing a CML candidate.  Third parties are able to use the facility on a competitive hourly rate basis.
Interviews, Aptitude  Tests and Reference Checks
CML can help clients reduce the number of interviews by conducting aptitude tests and first-round interviews on their behalf.  CML has a full suite of aptitude tests covering everything from basic office skills and typing to advanced accounting and proficiency in particular software such as QuickBooks, Word or Excel.  Tests can be taken online, at the client’s office, or at the CML office at Grand Pavilion.
To celebrate the launch of their outsourced services, CML is offering a free trial period of their outsourced immigration and payroll services.  To discuss a solution tailored to your business needs, contact Nadine  Dajani on 949-1245 ext. 135  or email her at [email protected]
CML Fresh Focus Program
CML has also launched a work experience programme, developed in partnership with the Department of Employment Relations and aimed specifically at unemployed Caymanians wishing to return to full time employment.  Dubbed the “CML Fresh Focus Program” the programme breaks new ground by offering a rigorous three month mentoring and assessment program in partnership with financial services firms and the Department of Employment Relations.  Chamber members interested in supporting the initiative should contact Steve McIntosh on [email protected]