Morritt’s needs Miss Cleo

We came to Morritt’s from the Brac on 15 September, 2001.

The world had just experienced 9/11. On the Brac we were at Divi Tiara for the two weeks preceding.

We had never stayed in Grand Cayman, we were always on the quiet, romantic, secluded beach at Tiara.

It was a real culture shock coming to the huge Morritt’s. It is lovely, but we enjoyed our friends on the Brac and our secluded Tiara that has since been closed by Divi Resorts.

We did not meet Miss Cleo, but doing so would have added a special charm that we found lacking. Her stories are a vital link to Caymanian history that few Time share owners will ever get to share else where; great that her salary will be paid, but what about her spirit and the asset that is a unique glimpse of history. What about a nurse to make certain she is OK?

We would love to have added a meeting with the delightful lady and been able to hear her stories. I am certain so many returning owners would agree.

Tina Porter