Shaggy, Maxi and Snow wow Cayman

Shaggy likes coming to the Cayman Islands, that’s for sure. Is it the beaches, iguanas or beautiful women?


Shaggy came on last and closed the show with a rousing rendition of many of his favourites, including Angel and It Wasnt Me, for which he was joined by Rik Rok.
Photo: Stephen Clarke

This was his second time in 18 months and once again he was well received by hordes of females.

Life begins at 40 and for Mr Luva Luva, who reached that milestone in October, there’s no slowing down.

The fact that his co-singer Rik Rok lives in Cayman helps draw him here. Many turned up to enjoy Maxi Priest too. Maxi’s been around forever but still delivers.

The Lions Centre, suitably filled and patrons well-oiled, started promptly as billed at 6pm with local act Notch, albeit to a sparse crowd.

Then there was a long intermission before Snow appeared. The Canadian rapper is best known for his one hit, Informer (1993) which inevitably came at the end of an amusing half-hour set.

He rapped over a selection of ‘riddims’ and created an instant rapport with the crowd just by talking like a Jamaican ‘ghetto yout’. Apparently, Snow grew up around Jamaicans in Toronto which inspired his hip hop style.

Maxi Priest has been a popular fixture on the reggae scene since the early 1980s. He made his name on the Saxon sound system circuit in South London and come a long way since.

His body of work is so vast that Maxi could have sung all night and not got through all his classics. Instead we were treated to Wild World, Crazy Love, Just A Little Bit Longer, Close To You and That Girl amongst others.

At one point he was joined by son Marvin who has evidently inherited dad’s musical genes. Sadly, we didn’t get to hear Strollin’ On, Some Guys Have All The Luck and In The Springtime, but hey, that’s showbiz, leave them hanging for more!

That hour flew past and then it was Shaggy’s turn. He shot through a selection of greatest hits, including Mr. Bombastic, Strength of a Woman, In The Summertime, Angel, Church Heathen and of course, It Wasn’t Me with Rik Rok.

All too briefly, with the clock about to strike midnight, in true Cinderella style he had to stop the fun.

‘I’m running out of time and I have to say Cayman I love you,’ he beamed to a roar of approval. ‘Some of the sexiest women in the world are here in Cayman.’ Which means we’re probably going to see him again soon.

Promoter Jesse Sergios said that he was very pleased with the show. ‘I look forward to my next one in March which will be even bigger. The crowd must have been about 2,000. They were fantastic and they seemed to appreciate a well-executed production.’