Cost of eating healthy

People seem to be finding it harder and harder to eat healthy these days without breaking the bank.

For me, the shock came when I recently ran down to the local supermarket for bread and butter, only to find the best bread now sells for $7.59 a loaf.

Anyone that is health conscious knows how important the foods we eat are. Right down to the bone marrow and cells of our body, what we eat is a vital link to health.

If what we eat is so vitally linked to health, disease prevention, energy and pleasure, paying extra for good products should be acceptable.

But the exorbitant prices that are appearing in supermarket produce sections must be forcing many to forego healthy food for cheaper, less nutritious alternatives.

Whether single, part of a couple or complete with family, savvy planning is needed to get the most out of your dollars with the optimum nutrition possible.

Meal planning, shopping for specials, buying in bulk and keeping a shopping list are all ways of smart shopping. My Lifestyles programme goes a step further for you by offering meal plans, product sampling, shopping tools and easy recipes for maximum nutrition, minimal work and savvy food savings.

Let’s hope our supermarkets will support our endeavours to eat fresh, eat smart and gain good health by keeping prices where we can reach them.

Lifestyles offers family plans for healthy living and a weekly weight loss programme. Please email [email protected] for more information.