Dolphinariums wrong, time to close them

Catherine Hetley is correct in her comments and I fully support her sentiments on the issue with Dolphins in Cayman.

The only reason that we have dolphins here is because of the ignorance and greed of those profiting from their imprisonment, if the operators of these parks had taken the effort to research the subject they would discover that dolphinariums have become politically incorrect in many parts of the civilised world, where free thinking intelligent people, have worked out for themselves that imprisoning these magnificent and intelligent mammals, is an obscene act of torture.

If Cayman hopes to attract tourists from further afield the issue of these cruel facilities will raise its ugly head and many visitors will consciously chose to visit elsewhere to voice their protest at this senseless tourist trap.

It is not too late to close down these operations, display a sensitive and caring attitude toward these magnificent animals and show the rest of the world that we, as a nation, are truly serious about animal conservation and our uniquely magnificent marine environment.

Andrew Ward