Sluggers set to batter up

Co-ed softball is back in full swing this week.

Tuesday saw the start of the 2009 Adult Co-Ed Winter Softball League.

Six teams across two leagues began play from 6:45pm at the Field of Dreams facility.

In all 22 teams are competing across three leagues with eight squads making up the A league, 10 sides in the B league and four clubs in the C league.

As Adult Co-Ed Softball Co-ordinator Alan Markoff states, the various leagues reflect the level of competitiveness and socialising.

‘Our programme is geared to people of all skill levels. The A league has mostly experienced players and can get very competitive. The B league has a tendency to have people of a pretty good skill level who are there less for competition but more for socialising.

‘The C league has people who are just starting to play and who just go out there for recreation.’

Aside from Julius Baer in the C league the other new teams are Maples C (C league), Senor Frogs (who are returning after a one-year absence to the B league) and Fluor (B league).

One of the surprise teams to be coming back for another season of play is the PWC Scorpions in the C league.

The Scorpions did not fare well last year, going 0-13 during the regular season. However the squad felt it had a good time and are coming back this season with the intention of winning some games.

The season is slated to run for 12 weeks, with the last regular season games taking place toward the end of April.

From there comes the playoffs to decide the champions in each league.

This month’s winter league comes after last year’s fall league ended in late November.

In the fall league Home Gas won the A league, Master Batters won the B League and CML Hammerheads won the C league.

For the winter league both Master and CML have moved up to the league above them.

According to Markoff, the winter version of co-ed softball is a favourite among the players.

‘Demand for softball has increased so much that we have a group of co-ed players who come out and play pick-up games on Sunday mornings.

‘All the teams and players are excited about the season start. They like the winter season because it’s cooler to play in and there are not as many rainouts as in the fall.’

The next set of games is slated for tonight. At 8:30pm ElectraTech Pure Energy faces Maples C in the C league while Flour takes on Maples Athletics in the B league.

Even with the season underway teams are still trying to fill out their rosters. Anyone interested in playing should e-mail Alan Markoff at [email protected] to enquire about a spot.