Super Bowl for the ages

Wow, what a game on Sunday night.

After everything seemed done and dusted at the end of the third quarter the Arizona Cardinals made a game of it in the fourth and nearly pulled off an upset for the ages over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kurt Warner did all he could in those last 15 minutes for Arizona and Larry Fitzgerald nearly broke the Steelers’ back with his long touchdown reception.

However Big Ben Roethlisberger showed why he’s one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks with a game-winning drive that brought back memories of a number seven who played for the Denver Broncos [i.e. John Elway].

Meanwhile Santonio Holmes put the squad on his back in the second half, especially on that last drive, which culminated in a textbook end-zone catch.

In a game billed to be a tale of defense it would be offense that would determine the game. Three touchdowns allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl XLIII over the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.

Super Bowl MVP Holmes certainly put up impressive numbers with nine receptions, 131 receiving yards and that all-important touchdown.

Roethlisberger did not star on the stats sheet (21/30, 256 passing yards, one interception, one TD) but did the necessary things to win.

On the other side Warner was brilliant and had a solid game going 31 for 43, nabbing 377 passing yards to go with three TDs and one INT.

Fitzgerald was the go-to guy once again for the Cards, posting seven receptions, 127 yards receiving and two TDs.

There were even new records that were set in the game. The 100 yard TD interception by NFL Player of the Year James Harrison was the longest play in Super Bowl history. Fitzgerald’s first TD in the fourth quarter set the new record for receptions and TD catches in the playoffs.

But aside from the numbers Sunday’s game was truly a spectacle. For the non-football fans the commercials got wackier and wackier and the half-time show was a 12-minute adrenaline rush.

For the rest of us the amount of scoring and hard hits on display was a combination few expected coming into the match.

So many moments in the game stand out and are sure to be on the tongues of many for months to come.

In the first quarter there was the Arizona goal-line stand that stopped the Steelers on three consecutive run plays on the one yard line to hold Pittsburgh to a field goal.

At the end of the second quarter there was that monumental and gutsy 100 yard TD interception by Harrison that put the Steelers up 17-7.

In the third quarter there was the barrage of penalties that put Arizona’s defense to the test.

Of course the fourth and final quarter had so many with everything from Arizona’s epic comeback to the Steelers finally buckling down and getting their sixth Super Bowl title in dramatic fashion.

In the end, no matter which team people were rooting for the Super Bowl gave a wealth of heroic moments. Hopefully fans can let those moments sink in as the lasting memories from a great game and a fantastic season.